If you want to keep your jewelry looking the best, proper routine silver care is essential. Below mentioned are the five tips for good long lasting jewelry.

Are you fond of Sterling silver as much as we are? Are you also obsessed with the relaxed look and its dazzling shine?

Whether you are a lover of traditional and classic jewelry or are lovers of the latest trendy one, we are as crazy and fascinated as you are for the accessories.

Buying such exclusive jewelry is always exciting and loved, but what makes the mind fear and ruins the mood is its damage. Due to this factor, most of us do not wish to clean the silver jewelry, fearing that it would lead to its discoloration.

The article gives you the correct procedure and methods to care for silver jewelry and proves that Sterling silver care is easy, simple, and convenient.

Know the silver digits

There are certain digits allotted to silver products according to their quality and purity.

Let’s say if your silver goods have a rating of .950, they need to be polished consistently. Similarly, if the product has a rating of .925, the material is robust and strong and hence, does not require much cleaning and polishing.

Roma’s designer Sterling silver jewelry is all of .925 rating and will require less cleaning work comparatively.

You can always get it confirmed by the jeweler if you are not aware of the rating or your product does not have the label. The label assured the product to be genuine and guaranteed.

Also, keep in mind that a product’s lifespan and durability can be increased if taken proper care of, and it should be well maintained. Therefore, it is suggested to buy assured, labeled products to avoid fake buying.

Dry silver is happy silver.

Point to keep in mind-  Silver jewelry is never damaged or tarnished with contact in pure water. But the water that is used by us is not at all pure; instead, it is contaminated with chemicals and pollutants. This leads to tarnished and dull silver. The following points will tell what water leads to damage in the silver.

Shower- You should not take a shower having your jewelry on, but if you have it once in a while, it will not damage it immensely. Ensure that you dry it after the shower.

Swimming pool- Chlorine is present in pools, and knowing the fact that it is a harsh chemical, you should remove your silver jewelry before getting into the pool. If you forgot to take it out, remember to rinse, clean it and pat dry after moving out of it.

Hot tub- In a hot tub, there is more chlorine present than a swimming pool. Even there is too much heat which will push and accelerate the reaction of the chemicals leading to tarnishing of silver if put in.

Hot springs- The natural hot springs have ample amounts of sulphur in them that will ultimately damage your silver product and leave it dark. It is suggested to avoid wearing it, or else it will leave a dark oxidized look for the product.

Bonus- Even most of the lotions and perfumes have chemicals present in them. Therefore, it is advisable to put in lotions, let them dry, and then wear the jewelry. This will help you to maintain its shine and lustre.

Maintain proper storage

Just as any valuable product left out carelessly will get damaged. Similarly, it happens with Sterling silver care. There should be sufficient and proper arrangements to store your jewelry pieces to avoid any damage. It would help if you were very careful about them since they are susceptible

When the silver jewelry lies in the open air, the exposure will lead to devastation on your precious jewelry by tarnishing it. It is advised that you should not place it on your night table or some open jewelry box. You should not put it in a purse or drawer openly.

Silver products should be stored in single, air-tight bags, which should possess anti-tarnish characteristics. These bags prevent air exposure and preserve the lustre and shine of the products.

Jewelry should be kept unclasped and unhooked to avoid scratching. Individual bags are advisable so that many pieces are not kept together. It becomes challenging to pick it out if there are many pieces together that save time or space.

Silica gel packages were provided for additional protection from tarnished jewelry. One bag should contain one piece of jewelry. While traveling, it is said to have unique bags for protection and storage.

Know when to take off your jewelry

One loves to wear bracelets and rings so much that they do not want to take them off often. But taking it off is essential for the long-lasting life of the jewelry.

Certain items such as solid chemicals, sulphur, sweat, ammonia, and direct sunlight will corrode and tarnish the lustre and shine of silver jewelry.

As it is a fact, “Prevention is better than cure,” it is recommended not to take any risks and maintain proper care for sterling silver jewelry.

There are times when it becomes a priority to remove silver jewelry.

They are-

  • While doing household chores, like dishes, laundry.
  • While exercising, either at the gym or playing sports.
  • While taking a shower.
  • While swimming, hot tubs, hot water springs.
  • While lying in scorching heat, like out in the open sun.
  • While doing makeup or putting on lotion or perfumes.
  • While cooking or eating anything that contains sulphur.
  • While being involved in outside tasks such as gardening, etc.

Polish it

Silver is susceptible, and it can even get dirty so would need aftercare. Therefore, it becomes highly essential and recommended to take care of your sterling silver pieces.

To clean silver jewelry, a simple microfiber cloth or a jewelry cloth should be used. Paper towels and toilet paper are not considered suitable for using them.

Long up and down strokes are suggested to clean the jewelry. Several parts of the cloth should also be used to prevent tarnish. Cleaning the jewelry in circular motions will further increase the tarnish and damage the jewelry. There are some parts of  jewelry and even some oxidized parts that are a part of choice or trend; make sure you do not polish that portion of it.

A Q-tip can be used to clean it in tiny parts and insides. Also, it is a simple and easy way out to clean.


How to make your DIY cleaner?

Since harsh chemical-induced professional cleaning techniques can be damaging for the silver products, we have some natural cleaning methods for you.

Water and baking soda

Take 2 parts of water and 1 part of baking soda, and mix them into a paste. You can use a little more amount of baking soda if the jewelry has susceptible features. Make gentle movements with an old toothbrush or a cleaning wand to apply this paste and clean it.

Dish liquid and water

Dish liquid and water and mix and use in the same way as one cleans his/her hands—no particular method to be prescribed here.

Saltwater method

Cover a pan or a big dinner plate with a sheet of aluminum foil. Now, place the pieces of jewelry on the foil.

Take 1 cup of boiling water, 1 tablespoon of salt, and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Mix all of them and pour the mixture into the dinner plate or the pan. Now, add half a cup of vinegar to this mixture.

The bubbles will be seen. Leave the mixture for ten minutes. Take the jewelry out, rinse it well, and clean dry with a microfiber cloth.


Any jewelry needs proper care and maintenance, which makes them durable and long-lasting.

Following these tips and techniques will probably make sterling silver care easy and straightforward. These methods will help you preserve the lustre, life, and shine and also extend its longevity.

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